Training Feedback

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Thank you for attending the LOR S6 Basic Training presented by Synchronized Christmas. 

I'd like to ask your feedback on the session. What did you like, not like, etc. I'm NOT asking for your name or email (nor am I tracking in any other way) – so let me know what you really thought.

Did you like the order in which the topics were presented?
What is your opinion on how the Training was set up? (Zoom, presentation, etc.)
Did you like the flow of the day? Easy to follow sections, etc?
What was your overall thought on the session?
Do you feel that you got your monies worth?
Do you think I should charge more for this session in the future?
What do you think I should charge? Numbers only.

If you have other comments about the session, you can place them here. Please do NOT include any identifying information. I was these responses to be as anonymous as possible.