Light-O-Rama S5 Training

Synchronized Christmas is pleased to announce the availability of Light-O-Rama S5 Training. If you are just getting started with the Light-O-Rama software, this training session is designed to give you a working knowledge of the software. If you have a display that was programmed on previous versions of the software, we’ll help you get your display migrated to S5, and show you how this version of the software works.

Now Available – First Year Start Here!

Synchronized Christmas has partnered with Luminous Harmony to bring you the First Year Start Here training.

For new Light-O-Rama users we go over the following:

  • Overview of Light-O-Rama Hardware – 20-30 Minutes
  • Quick general overview of the Light-O-Rama Software – 10-20 Minutes
  • Setup of YOUR display in S5, and basic programming tips – Remainder of Time.

The training is designed to give you an overall understanding of how the Light-O-Rama hardware and software work together. It’s important information that you will need to keep in mind as you go forward in your journey.

For existing users, if you have specific parts of the software that you want to go over, you will be able to let us know in advance. This will allow us to customize your training session for what you want to know, and not ‘waste’ time on other aspects you may not be interested in.

Session Details

You must have a valid license for the Light-O-Rama software, and be able to run the most recent version. We will communicate with you which version we are using after you book the session.

Sessions must be booked 7 days in advance. The booking module below will enforce this requirement.

The customer will NOT be permitted to record the session via Zoom. Synchronized Christmas will be recording the session for it’s own internal review and improvement. Portions of the session that are specific to your display can be made available, but the cost will vary based on how much editing needs to be done to the source video.

Customer is responsible for providing their own Internet connection, and be able to install/run Zoom on their machine.

You may have a maximum of 2 other people (3 including yourself) on the session with you.

Book Your Training Session

Please contact us directly. We’re revamping the booking process.

About Us

We’ve been using Light-O-Rama software since 2004. We’ve watched it grow from version 1 now up to the version 5 series. We’ve programmed hundreds of displays over the years, and work with many companies to provide programming for them and their clients.

Are we going to know the answer to every single question you ask? No.
Will you ask a question that we might not know the answer to? Yes.
Will we work to get the answer you need? YES.

Like you, we are in a constant state of learning. We continually find new ways of doing things, and sharing that information with others.

Light-O-Rama Training Sessions are 3 hours in length and cost $375. Payment is required in advance.