Coming Soon

We will soon make available a 3 hour online training course for Light-O-Rama.

We expect to launch this in early June, 2020.


Want to learn more about Light-O-Rama? Maybe you want to learn how to do this for your home or business and just want some training courses. We offer one on one training, and at times group lessons online and in person.

Just the Basics

Are you looking to just figure out what all of this is, and how it all works? With an online training session we can show you an overview of the hardware and software, and how it’s all connected together to create an extraordinary display.

Software Training

Need help figuring out the Light-O-Rama software? Just need a walk through tutorial on how it all works, how it’s configured and how to configure it for your display. We’ve been using Light-O-Rama software for over 15 years, and have been there virtually every step of the way.

Let our experts show you how use maximize the LOR software to it’s full potential.

Onsite Training

Want someone to come out to your location and show you how this all works? We can do that! Before any onsite training, you should have your Light-O-Rama hardware onsite and ready to unbox. We’ll show you how to connect your equipment so that it works properly, the first time out!

COVID-19 Impacts

We've added information about how COVID-19 has affected operations at Synchronized Christmas.