Remote Support

If you are not a current customer of Synchronized Christmas, and you need support with your Light-O-Rama based show, then you may book a session with us.

Please note: This is a one hour session with remote support included. You will want to install Zoom on your machine prior to your session, as waiting will cut into the available time we have to troubleshoot.

By booking a remote support session with Synchronized Christmas, you agree that the session can be recorded for training purposes. The recording will not be made available to you, nor any other party. It is for our own use.


As mentioned above please make sure you have ZOOM installed and running on your computer prior to the call. You MUST be at the computer that has Light-O-Rama installed, with an internet connection, in order for us to connect to your computer.

You MUST be connected to Zoom via the computer you have the Light-O-Rama Software installed on. If you have a show running from your computer please be have SHOWS DISABLED before you connect to Zoom.

If you wait to install Zoom during our call the time you spend will be deducted from the overall support time.

Install Zoom