Phone Support

If you are not a current customer of Synchronized Christmas, and you need support with your Light-O-Rama based show, then you may book a session with us.
Please note: This is phone support only. 1 hour is the shortest session that you can book with us. We’ll answer questions about Light-O-Rama, and help you with your setup, via phone only. There will be no Zoom, or remote access made during this call.

Information you will need

When booking a phone support session please make sure you have the following information available.
1) Your LOR Software VERSION and LICENSE level.
2) The *exact* model and quantity of hardware that you have.
3) Any and all troubleshooting steps you have tried.
4) A detailed explanation of the problem. “The lights don’t turn on” is very vague. “The lights don’t work during a show, but do in the Hardware Editor” is much more descriptive.