We’ve helped client around the world with their display needs. Below is a select few of our clients we’ve assisted.

Galleria Dallas

For over 30 years the Galleria Dallas has had a very large indoor tree located right in the middle of the mall, right in the middle of the ice rink. For a time it was the largest indoor Christmas tree in the United States.

Since 2008 Synchronized Christmas has been responsible for the programming, design and configuration of the tree.

Mosca Design

Mosca Design is your #1 source for commercial decorating supplies.

Since 2009 Synchronized Christmas has provided Mosca Design with Light-O-Rama hardware and programming for their many clients around the United States. This working relationship has allowed Mosca Design to expand the product offering to their customers, thus giving them a unique advantage in the holiday lighting marketplace.

Extreme Lightscapes

Extreme Lightscapes is a Certified Light-O-Rama partner located in the Dallas, Texas suburbs. Starting in 2010 Synchronized Christmas handles a large portion of the programming for Extreme Lightscapes’ displays. Here is a sample of our work for Extreme Lightscapes.