From shopping malls to town squares and everything in-between, we know how to we know how to help you with your Christmas light display design. Synchronized Christmas can work with you to design a display that will have everyone in your community talking.

We can enhance your current light display, or design an entirely new display for you. We’ll work with the installer of your choice to make sure everything is placed where it needs to be. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination (and let’s be honest, your budget.) 

Want to see what we’ve done?

For an example of our past work, please see our Portfolio page.

  • Christmas Light Installer? We can help you improve your bottom line by offering you design and programming services.
  • Shopping Mall Display? Do you work for a shopping mall or shopping center that puts up a display? Let us help you with an entire new or updated Christmas light display that will help you bring in shoppers.
  • City display? Are you responsible for the decorations in your city square? Let us help you design something extraordinary and add a new level of excitement to your city!

Do you simply need a project manager for your display? Synchronized Christmas can help you light-up your display on time and on budget. We’ll work with you to help you avoid the most common costly mistakes that happen when planning large displays.