The Synchronized Christmas Blog

Welcome to the Synchronized Christmas blog. Here you’ll find various topics that related to Christmas. Not everything you find here will be related to the synchronization of Christmas lights to music, but rather the topics about the entire Christmas industry and season.

Your First Display – Electrical

In the first post we talked about a few things you needed to do for your first display. One of the most important parts of planning your display is the electrical aspect.

Today we are going to explore some of the electrical aspects you need to consider when planning your first synchronized Christmas light display.

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Christmas Decoration Storage – 10 Quick Tips

Christmas is hectic, fun, exhilarating, and sentimental. We love it all– all but the part when we have to clean up and put every little thing away. While it may be tempting to just throw everything into boxes and worry about sorting it out next year, you’ll be sorry when a prized Christmas decoration or…

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The Christmas Light Programmer

Over the years at Synchronized Christmas I’ve been called upon many a time to put on the Christmas light programmer hat. While it’s just one of the things we do, it is by far the most time consuming and interesting portion of the business. With that in mind I thought we would tell you…

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COVID-19 Impacts

We've added information about how COVID-19 has affected operations at Synchronized Christmas.